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For more than 50 years, the Rhul has strived to cook its dishes with fresh products.

Our fish come from the sea, we cannot hold it against our fishermen for their arrivals.

Our meats are of EEC origin.

We inform you that we no longer accept checks.

Our cold starters

Homemade foie gras 28.00 €

 Salmon smoked by us €28.00

 Marinated port sardines €23.50

 Red mullet salad with a thousand flavors €25.50

 Foie gras and lobster salad €29.00

Our hot starters

Fish soup €28.00

Stuffed mussels €24.50

Seafood gratin €24.50

 Provençal-style prawns €27.00

Fried soups 25.00€

Provençal soups €26.00

Provençal-style chipirones €27.00

Sardine Fritter €24.50

Chef's ravioli with scallops €28.00

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Our fish and seafood specialties

Armorican prawns €42.00

Grilled sea bass or sea bream, flambé, with fennel €45.00

 Grilled red mullet or meunière €45.00

 Sea bass or sea bream in a salt crust €47.00

 Sole Meunière €45.00

 Aioli with olive oil and its accompaniments €40.00

 Lobster with scallops €43.00

Our meats

Grilled beef fillet garnished €34.50

 File with green pepper €36.50

 Tournedos Rossini €42.00

 Feet and packages €39.00

Our speciality

 Our fisherman's bouillabaisse € 71.00 

 Our lobster bouillabaisse 82.00 € 

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Our Homemade Pastries Cart 14.50 €

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