Le Rhul, president of the Bouillabaisse charter

It is not possible to standardize the kitchen. Indeed, it is an art where the Chef's turn of the hand will make the success. However Bouillabaisse has specific ingredients that must be used if you want to respect tradition and not deceive the customer. In the 1980s, we published a charter setting out the elements of a quality Bouillabaisse, in order to promote this regional dish. Do not forget an essential fact for the quality of this Marseilles dish par excellence, it is the extreme freshness of the fish; The primary condition for success.


Originally it was a fisherman's dish which, by sorting the fish intended for sale, set aside certain pieces which they prepared for themselves and their families. It is therefore a simple and family dish, which over the years has been perfected and which can now include a binding base and crustaceans.

The service

The service of Bouillabaisse Marseillaise is left to the discretion of the restaurateur, but in general this preparation is served in two different dishes: the fish on one side, the broth on the stove. Depending on the taste of the guests, the two can be mixed in a soup plate, or served separately. But a rule remains fundamental, it is the cutting of the fish in front of the guests. The sauce (s) (rust and aioli) may also be served with croutons rubbed with garlic.

The fishes

The Bouillabaisse Marseillaise must include at least 4 species. The essential fish are: Scorpionfish, Spider (Vive), Fielas (Congre), white Scorpionfish and Scorpene. We can also add the following species: Saint Pierre, Sea Cigale, Monkfish (Lotte), Lobster and Galinette (Rouget grondin). This list thus allows the choice according to the arrivals and the number of guests.

The other ingredients

The other ingredients that contribute to the preparation of this specialty are in particular: salt, onions, pepper, fennel, saffron, parsley, olive oil, potatoes, garlic and tomatoes. You can also add small rock fish to the bottom. La Bouillabaisse is also accompanied by a traditional sauce: La Rouille.